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John & Paul Inn
Events at John & Paul Inn
Our Rock ´N´Roll Hostel is located in the heart of Quy Nhon and a two minutes walk from the beach.
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We organize special events every week at the Café & Bar area. Enjoy the intimate music and meet the locals while you stay with us.

Tuesday: Bucket Night 8h00 – 11h00PM

Every Tuesday we have Bucket Night at John and Paul Inn. Our guests love the great offer and it is the perfect evening to gather with other travelers or people who live in Quy Nhon.

Wednesday: Movie Night 6h30 – 10h00PM

Movie Night


We have every Wednesday our famous Movie Night with lovely films and delicious popcorn. We show every week different movies. If you are curious which movie is next, please check our events on Facebook.

Thursday: English Speaking Club 7h30 – 9h00PM

Traveling means you get a chance to meet local people and exchange your cultures, not just sightseeing and moving around.

At John & Paul’s Inn, we bring the locals to you every Thursday. Friendly, generous people of Quy Nhon always love to welcome travelers and spread the good words about their hometown.

You get the chance to pick up some Vietnamese words (trust me it happens a lot), not just “hi” and “thanks”, maybe you can surprise the Banh Mi seller with some Vietnamese you just learned! Or you can find hidden places only the locals know. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find yourself a tour guide that is more trustworthy than those traveling magazines.

Friday: Table Football Tournament 7h30 – 9h00PM


Social Spaces

It´s competition time! You have the chance to register throughout the day your team for the evening. The winning team will get a John and Paul Cocktail as a prize.

Saturday: Beer Pong Night 8h00 – 10h00PM


Social Spaces

Well, who does not know Beer Pong? Just come and join us for a fun evening at the weekend with some beer for the special offer price.

Open Mic: 8:00pm – 10:00pm every Sunday.

Feel like singing your favorite song that you’ve been practicing in the karaoke forever? We got you!

Every Sunday night is Open Mic night. Classic songs with an intimate atmosphere are what we’re bringing you. Feel free to show voice, John and the gang will help with the acoustic music. The acoustic guitar and cajon bring you the feeling of a cozy campfire on a summer night on the beach.

Sing a song, show your voice, have fun, make memories. Nothing brings people together like good music on a Sunday night.


Social Spaces

Besides the weekly events, sometimes we have picnics in the undiscovered areas of the city. Join us for a day out to the mountains, lakes or a small hidden stream to collect more memories along your traveling way. Outdoors picnics and camping will be notice a week in advance so you can schedule your travel. We always try our best to make your stay with us memorable