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Day Trippers
Our Rock ´N´Roll Hostel is located in the heart of Quy Nhon and a two minutes walk from the beach.
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Day Trippers

Day trippers – Explore and Discover

Are you interested in secret gems of nature that requires a few hours of climbing/trekking, a campfire in the middle of nowhere, or simply a picnic on the mountain top with breathtaking view? If you say yes, our Day trippers tours are what you’re looking for.

Before being your host, we were travelers. Before setting foot in the hospitality industry, we’ve set our foot in the jungles and mountains of this beautiful city. And we’re willing to share with you guys as much as we’ve found out.

Beautiful undiscovered beaches, hidden waterfalls, small streams in the jungles,… and so much more. We’ll do our best to satisfy your need for exploring, and making memories along the way. And the best part is, we try to encapsulate everything within a day, hence the name Day trippers. We understand that sometimes you plan journey ahead, so we create tours that maximize your experience in a limited time. Or if you want a camping night in the woods, we can also arrange that.

No matter if you’re a solo traveler or with a group of friends, we’re sure you will enjoy. We want to make  Day trippers a memory making experience, not just a discovering tour.

A few reminders for your best experience with Day trippers:

– Make sure you don’t have any health problem or need special treatment.

– Wear cap and sunglasses; apply suncream to avoid sunburn around noon.

– Stay hydrated, drink enough water.

– Do not collect anything from the sea especially corals to protect our Earth.

– Do not litter, make sure you clean up everything before leaving.

– Bring your camera and do not hesitate to ask the tour guide to stop if you see any nice spot for taking a photo.

– Insect repellent is advised.

– Do not pluck flowers or any plants.

So, are you ready? Let’s pack your things and go on an adventure!